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the citrus veil

1 September 1980
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Hi, I'm Adam. I work as a commercial real estate advisor. I train in kung fu. I like to draw Manga. I have a daughter and 2 dogs. I am single. I am a member of the Imperial Ground Forces(IGF). I am a REALTOR.
and impressions, anime, anything you can eat, articles written by theinept, b movies, buddhist philosophy, cartoons, comics, divinities nature, drawing(manga), experiences, followers of eris, i love peace, i love to socialize, improper use of logic, knowing 24 head kicks, life in general., people who are "sure", pictures taken by others, scarification and body mods, serendipity, the nature of realty, the sky, too. i like costumes, traveling, uneducated rants, writing